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NewSpace Garage Conversion

"Turn that cold draughty place into a warm habitable space"

Planning Permission

07973957481 - 07931801472

Normally planning permission is not required for a Garage Conversion, however we can submit the relevant documents and liaise with the local authority on your behalf should you require it.

If the garage will increase in volume then it is treated as an extension and planning permission will be required.

Removal of Permitted Development Rights

Your local Council may have removed some of these Permitted Development Rights for certain dwellings for example, in newer housing developments were parking space is limited, in conservation areas or barn conversions. This will require you to apply for planning permission, however you will not be required to pay a fee as the council removed the permitted rights. NewSpace Garage Conversions will check with the Local Planning Authority to find out if your house is affected by the removal of any such conditions.

M: 07973957481 or  07931801472